Profitable Directories

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Profitable Directories

Chris Osborne

A directory (like this one) needs to sell 84 premium listings at $299/yr or 125 at $199/yr to generate $25k. You can then list the directory for sale on MicroAquire for 3-4x ($100k). So $125k total.

In this course I cover the strategy I'm using to build and grow 20 directories to do just this.

You do not need deep technical experience to execute the same plan.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why I'm so bullish on directories right now
  • How you can build a directory
  • What software to use to start and scale a directory
  • Industries and markets to go after (and what ones to skip)
  • Growing your directory with SEO, interviews, social media & partnerships
  • Generating revenue via premium listings, display ads, affiliates and other options
  • How to win at sales - from finding leads to closing deals
  • How to sell a directory making $$$

Here's what's included:

  • Training course video (49 mins)
  • The sales emails I use to onboard new clients
  • Access to my private community with 110 other directory builders
  • List of tools/resources I use
  • List of awesome directories you can use for inspiration

Please note: The first 100 copies are priced at 50% off ($150 instead of $300), and includes regular updates (I plan to update this monthly going forward).

What people are saying about the course/group:

"It's clear that Chris has huge experience building directories. Being part of the directory builders group, I've seen first hand how a directory should be built properly. From identifying the right target market, the technology to build the website, ranking it and selling premium listings - Chris has done this in front of our eyes, with multiple directories. The course is a great shortcut to actually build a profitable directory." - @jansulek

"Chris's directory course is an exceptional resource for anyone interested in learning about directories. The course community is welcoming and helpful in overcoming any challenges you may face, and they frequently share useful tips, successes, and best practices. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain knowledge and valuable insights about directories in a friendly and supportive environment." - @dailystartupfix

"In the directory builders group, you'll find a vibrant community of passionate individuals dedicated to curating website directories. This group offers a rich exchange of ideas, solutions, and experiences that benefits both beginners and seasoned builders. It's more than just a group—it's a dynamic learning hub and a supportive network. If you're keen on directory creation, you won't find a better place to broaden your horizon. Highly recommended!" - @heypasquale

"Chris's directory-building community is a goldmine. Expert advice, supportive members, and proven strategies for building and monetizing directory websites. An absolute must-join for anyone wanting to build digital assets." - @pauldm

"Great people & great advice to launch a profitable directory." - @opourquier

"The best way I can put it is that Chris knows his stuff. He has done it with newsletters, and now he's doing it with directories. I'm a part of Chris's community, and he's been nothing short of helpful." - @fardeenxyz

"Chris and his directory builders community are an amazing source of knowledge and positivity on the subject. Chris really knows his stuff and encourages others, whilst the community is a sound place to learn, get inspired and share ideas." - @markbowley

I want this!
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A course on how to grow and sell a profitable web directory.